What are the different access levels within SWIS Suite?

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Within SAMI, facilitators can add, edit and remove user access at a school. Below is a list of all access levels available within SAMI and a description of what functionality is available with each one.
Role Description
SWIS Admin  SWIS Suite: Full access to enter including enrollment and days per month and review data
Data Entry  SWIS: Ability to enter data and review all reports within SWIS except the Referrals by Staff report.
 CICO-SWIS: Ability to enroll/unenroll students, enter data and review all reports.
Data Analyst  SWIS: Ability to generate reports within SWIS, except the Referrals by Staff report. Data Analysts may also generate the data integrity report and data downloads.
 CICO-SWIS: Ability to review all reports within CICO-SWIS.
 ISIS-SWIS: Ability to review all dashboard data and school-wide reports.
Reporter  SWIS: Ability to generate reports within SWIS, except the Referrals by Staff report.
 CICO-SWIS: Ability to generate all reports within CICO-SWIS.

SWIS Access Level Table


SWIS Admin*

Data Entry*

Data Analyst

IT Data Manager

Referral Entry Only

View SWIS Dashboard



Enter Referrals



Generate All Reports





Generate Most Reports
No Staff Report




Edit All School Settings





Edit Most School Settings
No Custom Fields
No Referral Workflow Settings





Edit Core Data Only
Enrollment & School Days





Edit Person Management



Invite & Manage Referral Entry Only Users





Add/Delete Reviewers





Generate Student Dashboard



View Data Integrity Errors


Resolve Data Integrity Errors



Execute Person Import




*Users with this access level may be added as reviewers for schools enabling Referral Workflows


​CICO-SWIS Access Level Table





Enter Data


Generate Reports

Enroll/Unenroll Students


Edit All School Settings*



Edit Core Data School Settings Only
Enrollment & School Days



Edit Person Management


*Includes defined period groups and expectations

ISIS-SWIS Access Level Table


User (Student Specific)


Read Only
Data Entry
No Access

Generate Student Dashboard (ISIS Students Only)






Edit All School Settings






Edit Core Data Only
Enrollment & School Days






Edit Person Management




Setup New Student Case File






Add/Edit Student Case File Measures






Add/Edit Student Case File Team Members
Add/Edit Student Case File Documents
Enter ISIS-SWIS Data
Generate School-Wide ISIS-SWIS Report
Generate Student ISIS-SWIS Reports

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